Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 8: Apprentices of Creating & Marketing Poetry/Spoken Word; Rose de Leon, Jeanette Futrell, Yasmeen Gutter, Steven Qualls and Kyerra Lomas-Miller

Review Week 7
Task Completed:

  • Practiced our poetry pieces on the mic
  • Met/worked with Mr. and Ms. Brown (no relation)
  • Went to the studio and recorded pieces for C-D
  • Worked on adding hand gestures, volume and emotions to our poetry
  • Practiced performance warm ups

Job Skills Practiced:
  • Professionalism
  • Adjustment to a different work environment
  • Performance
  • Timeliness
  • Patients
  • Communication

This Week: Week 8

  • Run through show
  • Advertise
  • Proof product
  • Last Man Power visit
  • Final board meetings
  • Final edit of book

Personal Opinions:

This past week has been challenging! Due to many adjustments. For example we worked with two new lead artists, Mr. and Ms. Brown (no relation) while our original lead artist, Dan Vaughn stepped out. We attended the studio and recorded our audio C-D. It was a long week but also a truth growth and learning experience for all. Unbelievable, eight weeks went by so fast! Looking forward much to putting final touches to the book this week; as well as preparing for our show on the 21st.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 7: Yasmeen & Jeanette

Review Week 6
Task Completed:

  • Met with Career Coaches
  • Practiced delivery
  • Set up studio time
  • Met professional spoken word Artist
  • Brainstormed book cover ideas
  • Added more poems to the book
Job Skills Practiced:
  • Cleanliness
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Timeliness
  • Professionalism
  • How to adjust to change
Preview of Week 7:
  • Organizing book & CD
  • Practicing delivery
  • Working in the studio
  • Marketing
Personal Opinions:
Although in week 6 we had to adjust to changes, we have been able to make progress. We are coming along well with practicing our delivery and working on stage fright. There are only two weeks left so we're going to make the best of it. Hope to see our success on August 21st.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 6: By James and Jeanette

Task Completed in Week 5:
  • Started Revising and Editing Process
  • Reviewed Discussion on Themes
  • Democratically Decided Project Theme (Confessions of a Teen Minority)
  • 88Nine Radio Personality, Adam Carr, came and interviewed a couple of top-performing Apprentices
Job Skills Practiced in Week 5:
  • Attendance and Timeliness
  • Uniform Compliance
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Social and Cross Cultural Skills
Preview of Week 6:
  • Review Project Theme
  • Discuss Layout, Format, ETC.
  • Break Into Small Groups and Create Layout, Format, ETC.
Personal Thoughts:
Last week was very informing, also makes us feel like we coming to a close on this very exciting program. James and Jeanette.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 5: By Yasmeen and Steve

Review Week 4:
Task Completed

  • Leanred to write in stanza form.
  • How to simplify our poems.
  • How to better our delivery.
  • How to broaden subject matter.
  • Mid-point evaluations
  • Progression in committees

Job Skills Practiced

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Working with the media
  • Attendance and Timeliness
  • Payroll Processes
  • Uniform Compliance
  • Preperation

This Week: Week 5

  • Editing and revising peoms
  • Discuss interviewing process
  • Meeetings with comittees

Personal Opinions

This past week has been challenging. We have been brainstorming ideas for our book and audio CD. We have also began to revise and edit poems to incorporate into the book and audio CD as well. Now we're beginning to prepare our delivery for the unveiling event.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 4: by Dierre & James

Review of Week 3
  • worked in small groups/discussed poetic work/gave and received constructive criticism
  • formed committees/began discussing the upside of art event:Aug 21st
  • switched roles with our mentor Dan Vaughn for the experience of taking control of the poetic setting
  • created pieces of poetry about our diverse neighborhoods
  • wrote about a fairly unknown painting from Picasso
Preview of Week 4
  • continue our mentor coaching at manpower
  • flyer design/flyer distribution committees will meet
  • once again switching roles with our lead artist Dan Vaughn
  • individual performance evaluation takes place with Director Meghan & lead artist
  • reviewed goal setting sheets/receive feedback from coworkers and lead artist
  • special guest speaker appearing Thursday by the name of Nigel Wade
Our Thoughts:
  • Fairly fast paced with only four more weeks to go: James
  • The immense amount of writing was a surprise but it gives me a better way to express myself: Dierre

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 3: By Jazmine & Jeanette

Task Completed in Week 2:
  • Got Uniforms
  • Met our Career Coach at Manpower
  • We wrote poetry from prompts
  • We wrote poetry of our choice
  • We learned how to describe and advertise our work
  • We learned how to do a group piece
  • We learned how to write a Persona poem
Job Skills Practiced in Week 2:
  • Attendance & Timeliness
  • Uniform Compliance
  • Communication & Collaboration Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Marketing & Planning
Tasks We Will Complete in Week 3:
  • Research & Report
  • Revise Poems
  • Blogging
Job Skills We Will Practice in Week 3:
  • Creativity
  • Attendance & Timeliness
  • Taking and Giving Constructive Criticism
Personal opinions:
In week two we learned that working with others is very important. We learned that it is very important to be on time and ready to work and also to be in uniform. We also learned how to advertised and market our CD and poetry book.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Program Photos from Week 2

Yasmeen and Rose blog together.
Steven finds a mask to hide behind.
Lead Artist Dan Vaughn.
Kyerra, Dierre and Steven collaborate.
Jeanette, Jazmine, and Rose work on a task.
Jeanette reviews her work.
Jeanette and James collaborate.
Jazmine, Rose, James & Kyerra are at work.
Some of our Apprentices are quite outgoing...
James finds a mask he likes.
Dierre and Kyerra listen attentively.
Yasmeen, James, and Steven have some fun during break time.