Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Program Photos from Week 2

Yasmeen and Rose blog together.
Steven finds a mask to hide behind.
Lead Artist Dan Vaughn.
Kyerra, Dierre and Steven collaborate.
Jeanette, Jazmine, and Rose work on a task.
Jeanette reviews her work.
Jeanette and James collaborate.
Jazmine, Rose, James & Kyerra are at work.
Some of our Apprentices are quite outgoing...
James finds a mask he likes.
Dierre and Kyerra listen attentively.
Yasmeen, James, and Steven have some fun during break time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 2

Week 1
Task Completed
  • Fundamentals day
  • Learned how to blog
  • How to give and take constructive critism
  • Construct poems from similies, metaphors, and interview questions
Job Skills Practiced
  • Interviewing
  • Board Meetings
  • Having Patience
  • Marketing
  • Project Planning
  • Communication & Collaboration
This week:Week 2
  • Writing form prompts and sharing
  • Meeting Manpower career coach
  • Research and Report
Job Skills Practiced
  • Attendance and timeliness
  • Payroll processes
  • Uniform compliance
  • Productivity and accountability
  • Professionalism
Personal opinoins:
Our first week of work was like being a freshmen in high school. Everything was new and harder than expected. We learned how to have patience and consideration with others ideas; we learned how to adjust the professional work environment. We also learned dos' and dont's of the work world.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Program Information: Creating & Marketing Poetry/Spoken Word

Thanks to a collaboration between ArtWorks for Milwaukee, Inc. and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, we are thrilled to offer the following Summer 2010 program:

Creating & Marketing Poetry/Spoken Word
Lead Artist: Dan Vaughn

This summer, our program team will work together to create a chapbook of original poetry, as well as create an audio CD of our poems being read aloud. We will present this work at a poetry reading at the end of the program that will be open to the public, and we will pursue a variety of opportunities to market and sell the poetry chapbook and audio CD. This program will be broken down into 2 main phases:
Phase I: Becoming knowledgeable about poetry/spoken word and the processes that go into creating it.
Phase II: As a team, designing and creating the chapbook and audio CD of our work.

Introducing the Apprentice Team:
  • James B. ~ Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Dierre C. ~ Madison H.S.
  • Rose D. ~ Bradley Tech H.S.
  • Jeanette F. ~ Ronald Reagan H.S.
  • Yasmeen G. ~ Rufus King H.S.
  • Kyerra L. ~ Brown Deer H.S.
  • Jazmine P. ~ Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Steven Q. ~ Rufus King H.S.

The team will begin blogging about their experience and team progress on a weekly basis beginning Monday, June 28th!