Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 4: by Dierre & James

Review of Week 3
  • worked in small groups/discussed poetic work/gave and received constructive criticism
  • formed committees/began discussing the upside of art event:Aug 21st
  • switched roles with our mentor Dan Vaughn for the experience of taking control of the poetic setting
  • created pieces of poetry about our diverse neighborhoods
  • wrote about a fairly unknown painting from Picasso
Preview of Week 4
  • continue our mentor coaching at manpower
  • flyer design/flyer distribution committees will meet
  • once again switching roles with our lead artist Dan Vaughn
  • individual performance evaluation takes place with Director Meghan & lead artist
  • reviewed goal setting sheets/receive feedback from coworkers and lead artist
  • special guest speaker appearing Thursday by the name of Nigel Wade
Our Thoughts:
  • Fairly fast paced with only four more weeks to go: James
  • The immense amount of writing was a surprise but it gives me a better way to express myself: Dierre

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